E-Services Explanation

1. Independent Operators that are active in the after sales business and that wish to download vehicle technical data packages or access vehicle service history or access vehicle security features etc. need to become Registered Independent Operators (RIO). The registration as RIO is valid for a period of 2 years during which RIO can apply for or buy several services detailed at point 2. After the 2 years period, the RIO needs to renew its registration.
2. Available services
    • Download vehicle technical data packages per model for Toyota and Lexus models (with updates)
    • Download vehicle technical data packages per type of content per model (with updates)
    • Access Toyota and Lexus vehicles’ repair, maintenance and service history record
    • Add repair, maintenance and service events to Toyota and Lexus vehicles’ history record
    • Access vehicle security systems for operations such as reprogramming keys or changing ECUs
    • Access vehicle remote diagnostic information
3. Registration fee
    • Independent Operators are requested to pay a one-off, non-refundable registration fee of 149 € excluding VAT to become RIO; this fee covers Toyota’s administration costs.
4. The registration process requires Independent Operators to provide the following details:
    • Company name, Company address, Company website, Company representative email address, Company representative phone number
    • Legal representative name
    • VAT number
    • Others - Optional (proof of trade body membership, proof of commercial insurance, no criminal record of employees)
5. Registration outcome
    • Toyota uses objective criteria to approve the registration of Independent Operators. In case of a negative outcome, Toyota will provide Independent Operators a brief explanation as to why the criteria to become a RIO are not met. Toyota’s decision is non-negotiable and Independent Operators forfeit the right to appeal it. Independent Operators will only be allowed to re-apply after a period of 3 months.
6. The registration process may take up to 10 working days to complete.
7. Once the registration process is completed, the RIO can access the E-services. Click continue to proceed to step 1 of the registration process.

Apply for E-service access

Toyota Electronic Service Book (E-Service Book ) represents the digital version of the vehicle history. Through this application, you can consult or record events over the vehicle life.

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eCare functionalities in TechDoc allows the retailers to review any malfunction warnings that occurred on a customer’s vehicle.

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