How to access Electronic Service Record

Create a account
• Go to and create an account
Become a Registered Independent Operator
• Start Independent Operator Registration process
• Approval of your registration can take up to 2 weeks
Access Electronic Service Record
• Access Electronic Service Record
• Read and input repair, maintenance and service events

1. Create a account (if not yet created)

  1. Go to and click on 'register here'
  2. Input all necessary information and select 'submit'

2. Become a Registered Independent Operator (RIO)

Independent Operators that are active in the after sales business and wish to download vehicle technical data packages or access vehicle history or access vehicle security features etc. need to register to become Registered Independent Operator (RIO). Independent Operators registered as RIO receive a certificate that is valid for a period of 2 years during which they can apply for or buy several services detailed at point 2. After this period, the RIO needs to renew the certificate.

  1. Once logged in to, go to Independent Operator Registration process
  2. Approval of your registration can take up to 2 weeks

2.1 Available Services as a RIO*

*Available services depend on the nature of RIO business
  • Download vehicle technical data packages for Lexus and Lexus models (with updates)
  • Access and update Lexus and Lexus vehicles’ Electronic Service Record
  • Access vehicle security systems for operations such as reprogramming keys or changing ECUs
  • Access vehicle remote diagnostics information

2.2 Registration process to become RIO

Independent Operators are requested to pay a one-off non-refundable registration fee of 149.00€ to start the registration process; this fee covers Lexus’s administration costs.

Independent Operators are required to provide the following details:
  • Company name, Company address, Company website, Company email address, Company phone number
  • Legal representative name
  • VAT number
  • Others – Optional (proof of trade body membership, proof of commercial insurance, no criminal record of employees, ...)
Lexus reserves the right to use this information to contact the Independent Operators and validate the way they intend to use the data or services provided

3. Access Electronic Service Record

Once you receive approval, you can access Electronic Service Record

  1. Go to and select "Regulatory" on the top navigation bar

  2. Select Electronic Service Record

  3. Input the VIN of vehicle for which you want to access Electronic Service Record

  4. Click on "Vehicle Info" tab to see the vehicle history

  5. Select "Add event" to add repair, maintenance and service events; select the appropriate event and fill in the fields