GTS Diagnostic system   For a fully functional GTS Diagnostic system you will need the following:


A PC with at least minimum specifications and with access to the internet.

TS2 Vehicle Diagnostic Unit

Can be purchased via this site.

Price excl. VAT and P&P
€ 690.-
GTS Diagnostic Software

A copy of the diagnostic software is FREE to download from this site.

Activation License

A licence can be purchased on this site.

Prices exc. VAT.
1 day € 5.00
1 week € 10.00
1 month € 30.00
1 year € 300.00

Intelligent Tester 2

Intelligent tester 2

Intelligent tester 2 is the OBD tester for vehicles produced between 2004 and end 2011.

Please select one of the diagnostic functions below:

ECU Software updates

Diagnostic Snapshot Library