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How to Use this tool
  • Select your Lexus model from the first drop-down menu. The available Bluetooth®-systems will be portrayed. Move the scrollbar horizontally to view the complete list.
  • Click on the picture to select your system. Click on the magnifying glass to enlarge the picture. When you move away from the picture with your cursor, the picture will reduce to its original size. Then, select the phone model and phone from the corresponding drop-down menus.
  • Finally, click on 'Search' to get an overview of the functions available for the phone model you selected. The result appears at the bottom of the page under ‘Search’. If you click on 'Export', a pdf page will be created with the same overview.
  • If you click on 'Reset' or select different options from the drop-down menus, click on 'Search' again for an updated overview

signifies this feature is compatible for the vehicle's bluetooth® system and the mobile phone you have selected. See remark for Connected Services.
signifies this feature is not compatible for the vehicle's bluetooth® system and the mobile phone you have selected
signifies this feature has not been tested on the vehicle's bluetooth® system and the mobile phone you have selected
Car Models It is possible that not all of the Lexus models in the drop-down menu are put on the market in your country. Please contact any Lexus retailer in your country for more information.

Phone models Your mobile phone may not be included in the drop-down menu. This does not mean that your mobile phone is not compatible with the vehicle's bluetooth® system that you have selected. This only means that the compatibility of your mobile phone model with the vehicle's bluetooth® system that you have selected has not been tested.

what is it? The software program of your mobile phone
where can you find it? Please consult your mobile phone manual or mobile phone retailer to check your phone's firmware.
how does it impact you? Firmware will determine whether or not your mobile phone is compatible with the vehicle's bluetooth® system. The mobile phone has been tested with the firmware mentioned in the mobile model list that appears after the Search button is applied.

Connected Services
signifies Connected Services is compatible for the vehicle's bluetooth® system and the mobile phone you have selected provided that:

- the mobile phone supports HFP (Hands Free Profile)
- the mobile phone has sufficient network coverage
- the mobile phone has SIM card with a contract that allows access to the internet (tethering)
- in case the mobile phone has a Hotspot function (example iPhone) it must be enabled
After you have paired and connected the phone, and immediately want to access Connected Services this may fail. Tip: try ignition off - on; or use the system for another bluetooth ®activity first (example make a phone call).
Lexus therefor does not guarantee 100% bluetooth® Connected Services functionality and compatibility of your mobile phone with the vehicles bluetooth® system.
1. Vehicle:
2. Vehicle bluetooth system:
2a. Version:
3. Phone model:
4. Phone:
5. Firmware: